About us

Gigstor Learning was founded in July 2020. Our company is based our of Bangalore, India.

Gigstor Learning Pvt Ltd. is a technology platform company, incorporated in July 2020 aiming to aid Trainers / Training Institutes/ Corporates amplify their training via their platform Gigstor.

Go to place for anyone who wants to learn !

What is Gigstor?

  • •   Gigstor learning is a Digital platform that enables partners to efficiently plan and execute trainings across the ecosystem.
  • •   Gigstor is a Virtual Instructor Led Live Training(VILT) Platform and a Course Marketplace.
  • •   Trainers can use the platform to deliver Online training sessions,
  • •   Create a webpage to showcase courses, schedule and market courses
  • •   Chat with students, upload notes, recorded videos, blogs, document sharing, conduct tests
  • •   Issue certificates and collect fees.
  • •   People who are looking for Trainings can use the platform to find the course they want from marketplace choosing from multiple trainers or Training Institutes
  • •   "If you are a Trainer, Training Institute or Corporate looking for an online platform to provide trainings GIGSTOR is a platform you'll need for your Live Online Teaching essentials"